Patents and agreements


Our company provides registration services for patents for computer programs, utility models, industrial designs, trademarks and other patenting services.

Trademark registration 30 000
Utility model registration 50 000
Registration of an industrial design 50 000
Registration of a computer program 40 000
Patent renewal 2 000
International registartion from 50 000 рублей
Development of a commercial concession agreement 10 000
Registration of a commercial concession agreement 5 000
Development of a trade mark(patent) sale agreement 8 000
Registration of a trade mark(patent) sale agreement 5 000

Preparation for the franchise sale (commercial concession):
-development of a contract, registration of a trademark, development of a corporate identity, as well as other services.


from 200 000 рублей



By agreement, depending on the city



If you did not find the service you need, just leave a request and we will call you back


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